This page is created to provide individuals interested in keeping on top of activities and events occurring in the government and education with resource links that furnish a host of information that can be used to enable us to be more effective citizens as well as "movers and shakers".  The resource links provided run the gamut from national and/or federal in scope to basic local contacts.  Additionally, links have been added of a general interest nature that will allow the individual to seek out some new links through the use of search engines or just exploring some of the links attached to some of the resources provided on this page.


  Thomas Legislative Information - provides latest information regarding bills, amendments, laws and other concerns pending before or acted upon by Congress.

  The U.S. Senate Home Page - offers information regarding activities in the Senate, its Committees and individual Senators.

  The U.S. House of Representatives Home Page - provides information about bills, amendments, activities and other items occurring in the House of Representatives.

  The White House Home Page - connection to the Executive branch of government and where can send e-mail to the President.

  Law Guru (formerly U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library (US Code Searchable)) - this site allows one to search for information on US Law and Codes.

  Census Bureau Home Page - embedded in the Census Bureau is the 2000 Census Lookup which provides access to 2000 census data all the way down to the level of census tracts, as well as maps.

  Government Printing Office - this site allows one to download full texts of the federal register, congressional record, etc..

  U.S. Department of Education - this site provides information and links to all there is to know about federal education.

  Federal Register - this site allows you to search for draft and approved regulations as well as other announcements dealing with federal government initiatives.


  New York - link to New York State government agencies and departments.

blue pin New York City - link to New York City government agencies and departments

  California - link to California government agencies and departments.



Higher Education


Financial Aid Sources

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